Salt room

One of the most popular part of our complex is the Salt Room. We can say that we are the first rural residence in Iran to have this room in our suite and our goal is to bring a good experience to our dear guests.

The main properties of salt treatment:

. Treatment for respiratory diseases
.Treatment for skin diseases
. Strengthen the immune system
. Reduce inflammation

One of the most important natural resources for the skin and hair health and beauty is the use of sal! This tonic source is effective in balancing, protecting and restoring the skin to its natural state. Salt is rich in minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium, which all of them play an important role in the health issue and function of our skin and cellular communication. So When the balance of minerals of the skin breaks down Symptoms such as dryness and burning may occur, especially if the weather is cold and dry.

We have tried to make the ground of this room warm so heated Salt will help you to reduce muscle pain more.

For reservation call the number of : 021-76440432
Or 09129225213