Tangeh Savashi

A cool area with good weather That with cool summer wind can be a good place to escape the heat.

Veresk Bridge

Veresk Bridge is one of the oldest railway bridges in the country which is located at a height of 110 meters and the name of this bridge is also recorded in the Guinness Book, it is a real masterpiece of Iranian engineering.

Lajim tower

Lajim Tower, located in the village of Lajim, in the region of Savadkoh. The tower is also known as the tomb of Imamzadeh Abdullah, which it’s inscriptions showing the Kufic script ``Kia Ismail Abulfuras `` (the name of the owner of the building).

Simindasht village

Ahang lake is one of the most beautiful lakes of Iran which is located at the south of Simindasht village in Firouzkuh.

Shur Mast lake

Shur mast Natural Lake is located 6 kilometers west of the town of Pol Sefid in the Shurmast village.